Our Mission & Values

We started Moss because we wanted to provide a better future for our team and our communities. Utilities are the lifeblood of society, but the pipe doesn't put itself in the ground. It's up to hardworking people like our team to lay the pipe that takes water to your home or business. The work we do is vital, which is why we take our mission to heart. We give everyone we impact—our neighbors, people, and families—the right to a healthy life through underground utilities.

We think great work starts with hard work.

We strive for constant growth.

We don't take ourselves too seriously.

We are honest and dependable.

We feel communication is leadership.

We know when it's a win-win, we all win.

We believe in family
























Ted & Arley

Ted and Arley Moss pose for a photograph in 1957. Ted Moss is the operator of the CAT D4 dozer in this photograph with Arley at his side.

Ted Moss

Ted Moss backfilling a utility trench excavation with a CAT D4 Dozer on a project in 1957.

John Milton Moss

Seen here is John Milton Moss in 1957 standing on the side of the crane. The crane operator in the photograph is unknown.

COO, Case Whitfield starting off young

Case was destined for this industry. He was actually named after Case backhoes. Here he is with a jackhammer in 1981.

Case Continues Love of Construction

For his 8th birthday, Case got an International Tractor!

Case and his tractor

Case pops a wheelie on his tractor that he got for his birthday in 1985. In the background, you see a Whitfield Plumbing crew truck.

Moss Construction

City of Garland rehab project. This was one of the first Moss Construction projects.

Hal Moss

R.H. “Hal” Moss stands with the first Moss Construction haul truck.

Cat Jackets

The Moss team with their prized CAT jackets of the time. Left to Right - Mark Moss, Ted Moss, Brad Moss, Hal Moss

Case and his dad

Case going for a ride on the back-hoe with his dad. They were building a park in Richland Hills, TX.

Young Garrett

Garrett Moss on his first backhoe ride as a child.

Case and his dad

Case and his dad doing some construction work in the city of Richland Hills.

Case's rodeo history

Case rode bulls and bareback for 3 years in the North Texas High School Rodeo Association.

Moss Utilities Founded

Garrett Moss and Case Whitfield start Moss Utilities. Moss was founded on the idea of customer service and treating people better.

Moss' second project

Parker Thane and Hunter Thane working on Moss Utilities' second project, Perfect Office Park in Frisco, TX. Parker is still with Moss and is now our General Superintendent.

Christmas Party

This was our entire company at our Christmas party in 2016. We've definitely grown from here!

Our first yard

The first construction yard we had was Garrett's house. Here's the trucks parked in his driveway in December 2016.

NUCA clay shoot

Case at the NUCA clay shoot for Moss Utilities on May 26, 2017.

First subdivision project

Brad Moss, Shawn Lain, Garrett Moss, Rich Fleissner Our first subdivision project, Saddleback Ridge Estates, Southlake, TX. From Left to right - Brad Moss (Estimator), Shawn Lain (now Superintendent), Garrett Moss (President), and Rich Fleissner (our first CFO).

John Deere in AZ

Case at the John Deere proving grounds in Arizona with RDO.

First new haul truck

Brad Moss and John Moss with the first brand new haul truck when it got delivered in March.

New branding

Moss Utilities rolls out a fresh new look and brand to the company including a new logo and new website.

New logo

The first sticker of the new Moss Utilities logo in the wild!

More About Us

While the Moss name has decades of utility experience and history behind it around the DFW area, Garrett Moss, President of Moss Utilities, still had to start from the ground up.

Garrett’s grandfather was a general superintendent at Cullum Construction in the 1980s. His grandfather worked for Cullum before him. As is common in construction, Garrett’s father followed in his dad’s footsteps and went to work in the utility world too. In 1989, Garrett’s father thought he could start his own business, and with the help of his father and brother, he launched Moss Construction.

While only starting with manholes, the new construction business saw a lot of success over the ’90s and early 2000s while Garrett was growing up. All Garrett knew was utilities like his father and his father before him, and he naturally assumed he’d one day take over the family business. Unfortunately, when the economic troubles of 2008 arrived, Moss Construction was ill-prepared for an enormous downturn, and the company eventually closed its doors.

While unfortunate for the family business, Garrett moved on and thought he’d pursue a career outside of construction after graduating from UT. Despite his best shot at running from utility construction, after working for a manufacturing business and mechanical contractor for a few years, he ended up right back where it all started -- at a local utility contractor in DFW. Garrett is now the 5th generation Moss to work in this business.

While working there, Garrett met Case Whitfield, who’s today the COO of Moss Utilities. After watching the business they worked for treat people poorly and make decisions they disagreed with, Garrett and Case figured they could start a utility business on their own. They quit abruptly and never looked back.

Before meeting one another, Case was involved in a long-time plumbing business with his dad, Curtis, who is also a massive part of the Moss success story. Even though Garrett was relatively inexperienced at the time, he figured he could run the business side of things. Meanwhile, Case leveraged his decades of experience in plumbing and utilities to run the field. Although Moss Construction was forced to shut its doors, the Moss name still had an extraordinary reputation in the DFW area, so they chose to run with the Moss name once again as Moss Utilities.

Aiming for a slow start, they surprisingly took off at almost an unsustainable rate thanks to the Moss reputation, their care of their people, and attention to customer service.

Instead of beating everyone up over production, they want everyone at Moss to genuinely enjoy working here. They believe if they take care of people -- by providing them with great equipment, safety training, and culture -- they’ll take care of their customers.

Even though the ride hasn’t always been a smooth one, Moss knows that taking care of their people and customers will win long term. Not only is it good business, but it’s the right thing to do.

Our Leadership

Garrett Moss


Shawn Lain

Vice President of Project Management

Daniel Villanueva

Vice President of Preconstruction

Parker Thane

Vice President of Field Operations

Kelly Roberts

Vice President of Finance

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